Deleted Messages Recovery App- Best App to recover deleted messages

Deleted messages recovery app is an application that helps users to view the deleted messages and photos. This app also provides the function to restore undeleted messages. The app helps to view those messages which has been accidentally erased by the sender. The main function of the app is to undelete messages and recover photos and save them.

Deleted Messages Recovery app comes under the category of Tools in the Google Play Store. The app requires an android device of 4.4 and up. The app is developed by UniQ Software. It is last updated on 3 rd January 2020. The current version of the app 13.2 and it has got 1,000,000+ installs in the play store. The size of the app is 5.2M. The app can be used by individuals aged 3 and above. The app has been reviewed by 17,993 users and it has got 4.3 rating in Google play store.

Key features of the app
 View deleted WhatsApp messages and photos
 Save the deleted messages and photos automatically
 Delete the saved messages when time limit reaches

How to use the app in order to view the deleted messages?

In order to use most of the features of the app users have to allow notification permission to access the main features of the app. When a message arrives the app saves it inside the internal storage of the device. When the users open the app they are able to see the messages according to time and name.

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The developers have added app lock feature for added privacy. Locker is in-built for this app. No need to use an external app locker to lock this app. App lock is disabled by default. Users are able to enable it anytime by going to settings.

In order to view the removed WhatsApp messages, users get notification about viewing deleted WhatsApp messages. When they click on the notification they are able to see the list of users and there they will be able to view all the deleted messages. Deleted photos are saved in the phone’s directory. Users can also see them inside the app. For this function to work they have to allow storage permission to save deleted photos and videos.