Google Lens

Google Lens is an application categorized under “Tools” in Google play store. This app developed by Google LLC and has content applicable for individuals aged 3+. The app is compatible with devices with android 6.0 and up and was last updated on August 28, 2019. The latest build and the size of the application varies with the device at use. The app is available is the google play store and is completely free to use.  This application has more than 100,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 500,000 users giving it a 4.5 rating in the Google play store.

The number of features within a smartphone are increasing day by day. For everything and anything apps are made these days. Something that we have always wanted is for our phone camera to act as a sort of scanning device and reacts in certain manner in regard to the items scanned. This is usually done in supermarkets where an item are passes through a barcode reader that displays the item’s price. But this is a small-scale thing where the code is only read, and price is shown.

Google Lens is an app developed by google that acts like a real-world scanning device. This app works with other google apps to give the user something very close to a real-world scanner. It doesn’t work on humans, but it does work on many things that makes the app very useful in a lot of situations. Some of the main features of the app are

Scan & translate text- This is an amazing feature that helps the users scan and translate texts in a simple few swipes. This is especially useful for travellers who are in an area where the language is different. Users can simply scan the particular sign or text and can simply translate it to their native tongue. It makes getting around very easy.

Identify plants and animals – With google lens users can scan any plant or animal that is in the vicinity and it will show you the whole google page of the thing that you have scanned. This uses the google search feature to show the most relevant or similar object that matches the thing that you have scanned

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Explore places around you – This feature is good if you are a traveller checking out some place new. With google lens users can Identify and learn about landmarks, restaurants, and storefronts. See ratings, hours of operation, historical facts, and more.

Find the look you like – this is a nice feature that helps fashion enthusiasts. See something that you like? Scan it with google lens and similar clothes, furniture, and home décor.

Know what to order -Scan the restaurant you are visiting. Reviews and recommendations about the place will immediately pop up and give you’re the most accurate conclusion. Just by scanning you will be able to identify the restaurants top sellers and what to avoid in your dining experience.

Scan codes- With the google lens you can quickly scan QR and barcodes.